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Looking for a new job? Review the answers to frequent employment related questions, below, and see if a job on the Detroit Princess is right for you! We are looking for customer service oriented people to help us deliver a quality experience for all guests on board our boat.


What do you look for in an employee?

Working on the riverboat is your opportunity to enjoy a fun, exciting and unique experience that will challenge you and help you grow! On the riverboat, we have performers who are on stage for the show, but it is truly our staff that set the stage for a special riverboat excursion through the positive attitudes and smiles which help our guests feel welcome and part of a unique atmosphere.

We are looking for staff with great attitudes and strong work ethics. Our atmosphere is both professional and fun. We like our employees to have great people skills and the ability to think on their feet while handling constantly changing situations.

In addition, our marine staff needs to be able to obtain a TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Card) from the United States Coast Guard. Essentially, this is a background check, drug screen, and the way the US government checks that the employees of a ship are of high character. Please see details in further questions, and refer to the USCG website linked below.


What type of venue is this?

Having run a boat in Lansing, Michigan for over 30 years, the leaders of the Detroit Princess have many years experience operating riverboats. We have regularly scheduled cruises with entertainment, mostly live. There are public and private cruises on board, our four interior dining decks affording us great variety in the type of party. Most cruises have a tasty standard buffet which has been developed over the years, while some private parties opt for a varied menu. Explore our website for more information and variety of our cruises.


Where does the boat go?

The boat cruises are generally two and a half to three hours long, from Hart Plaza past the GM Renaissance Center, Chene Park and Belle Isle turning around to cruise along the Canadian side of the river to the Ambassador Bridge, then back to our dock.


What positions are you filling/what do you pay?

Our wages are hourly and competitive for our banquet-style venue, based upon position, with tips additional and weekly pay. Bartenders (experienced), Waitstaff, Cooks, Dishwashers, Floor Supervisors should all apply through our site and discuss during the interview process. Marine Crew (Captains, Mates, Engineers, Oilers, QMEDs, AB's, and OS's) - marine crew should apply through Algonac Seafarers Union International Office: 810-794-4988

We incorporate training in the job, though some experience is helpful. Experienced bartenders are preferred.


When are you hiring?

We traditionally hire most of our staff in the spring and early summer. Once you submit your application online, please wait until we contact you. We will read applications submitted when staff is needed and will contact the best qualified applicants for interviews. Applications can be submitted year round, as we will have additional intermittent hiring through the season. However, if you are submitting applications late in the year, you might not be hired for quite some time.


How old do I need to be?

For our boat, we are hiring staff 18 years and older. Bartenders need to be 21 or older for our company.


How do I apply?

All applications should be submitted online (see link at bottom of page). We will contact you if we are interested in interviewing you for a position.


Do I need a Drug Test to work on the Detroit Princess?

For our Marine Crew only, YES! We require pre-employment drug testing for those positions. In addition, as you are working on a U.S.C.G. regulated vessel as a crew member, you will be subject to a random drug testing program throughout your employment. Our hospitality staff are NOT drug tested.


Can I work part time/what are the hours?

Yes, we will be hiring part time and full time employees. The shifts and hours vary based upon the cruise schedule. See the cruise schedule online for sample hours that the boat cruises.


Is there job training?

Yes, we will be hosting training sessions for our employees. You will be required to attend, as certain trainings are mandatory as a vessel for Homeland Security. For most positions, we hire experienced and inexperienced staff. We do, however, require the bartenders to be experienced.


Is there a uniform?

Yes. Uniform shirts will be provided. Employees are responsible for following the dress policy, as you are a representative for our company. Employees will provide their own black, plain belted pants and black shoes (such as tennis shoes or work shoes). This job involves a lot of movement from our employees, as the rooms are large, and the boat is really large. Employees will be carrying many things, including food to buffets, so we expect them to wear shoes made for that type of activity.

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