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Support local business and your local “Essential Workers"

For as long as the Detroit Princess is unable to cruise due to the Covid-19 shut-down, we would like your support by buying a Gift Certificate. You can redeem it for a cruise any time in the future.

For your support at this time we will donate a Gift Certificate for the same amount as you purchased to an “Essential Worker”.

Basically, if you are going to come for a cruise in the future why not buy it now and support our local heroes?

After submitting your billing information below along with a dollar amount, you will be presented with a printable gift certificate containing a unique ID number. This number may be entered into our online order-form for public cruise reservations, crediting the amount of the certificate towards your purchase. You can choose to print this certificate or you can keep it digitally to use for a later date.

Email us with any questions to

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