Turn By Turn Directions to the Detroit Princess Riverboat

Directions to the Parking Garage at the SP Plus parking ramp and to the Boat

Use this link for the parking garage: SP Plus Parking

I-94/Westbound I-94/ Eastbound I-96, Northbound I-75, Southbound I-75 and I-10 South:
These directions are for parking:
Take your selected freeway toward downtown. You will see signs for M-10 (the Lodge Freeway) to direct you towards the Civic Center. The easiest and fastest way is to stay on your freeway until you get to the Lodge Freeway (M-10 South). Follow the M-10 south signs. Do not exit the freeway.

Once under the tunnel (TCF Center) you will take your 1st right hand turn on Bates St (just before the tunnel to Canada). Once you turn right proceed down toward the river where you will see sp+ parking garage to your left.

After you park:
When you park, you will get a ticket upon entry and pay with CC/Debit when leaving. After you park in the garage, step outside and across Atwater Street to the River Walk. You will pass the 20 Atwater Detroit Police Station. Once on the RiverWalk, you will see the Detroit Princess, a 2-3 minute walk away. You will also pass by an Underground Railroad sculpture and plaque with historical information before you reach the boat.

These directions are for dropping guests off at the boat before parking
To drop off passengers in your car, proceed past the SP+ parking garage, turn right onto Atwater Street past the road closed signs and through the tunnel under Hart Plaza. The boat and river will be on your left with room to turn around.

Once you have dropped off your guests, proceed back the way you came under Hart Plaza. The parking ramp is located at the corner of Atwater and Bates, where you turned with the road closed signs.



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