Turn By Turn Directions to the Detroit Princess Riverboat


Directions to the Parking Garage at COBO ROOFTOP DECK and to the Boat

If you want to use your GPS, we recommend using the addresses. For the parking garage: 625 West Congress St. Detroit, Michigan. For the boat dock: 1 Civic Center Dr, Detroit, Michigan. The directions below are quicker and easier to use.

I-94/Westbound I-94/ Eastbound I-96, Northbound I-75, Southbound I-75 and I-10 South:
These directions are for parking:
Take your selected freeway toward downtown. You will see signs for M-10 (the Lodge Freeway) to direct you towards the Civic Center. The easiest and fastest way is to stay on your freeway until you get to the Lodge Freeway (M-10 South). Follow the M-10 south signs and when you are almost downtown, you will take the Larned Street Exit on the LEFT side of the highway. Larned St will take you underneath COBO Hall. On the other side of the tunnel, after passing under COBO hall, you will turn left on Washington Blvd then immediately left onto Congress Street. Stay in the right lane and proceed to the COBO Rooftop Deck Parking. Once on the roof, park as close as you can to the river. There is an elevator that will take you down to the river and you will see the boat as you walk out the doors of Cobo Hall.

These directions are for dropping guests off at the boat before parking
Use the same directions as above except once almost downtown stay on I-10. Do not exit onto Larned. Once you pass under Cobo Hall I-10 becomes Jefferson Avenue. You will take first right onto Bates Street. Once on Bates take next right on to the riverfront. You will pass under Hart Plaza. The boat is on your left after you exit the tunnel.

Once you have dropped off your guests you proceed back the way you came to Jefferson. You need to do a Michigan left on Jefferson. Once you have turned left move to the right two lanes and proceed toward Cobo Hall. Turn right at Cobo on to Washington Blvd then left onto Congress. Stay in right lane and proceed to Cobo Rooftop Parking. Once on the roof park all the way toward the river, there is an elevator that will take you down to the river and you will see the boat as you walk out the doors of Cobo Hall.



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